The ‘NYTimes’ hides why Israel is attacking Gaza — Prime Minister Lapid is running for re-election

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid making a public statement regarding the Israeli attach on Gaza on August 5, 2022.  (credit:  GPO VIA APA IMAGES)
The ‘NYTimes’ bias is clear as it attempts to blame Palestinians for Israel’s latest deadly unprovoked attack on Gaza .

By James North | Mondoweiss | Aug 6, 2022

“Israel is going the extra mile to provoke factions in #Gaza. Something reeks here.”
— Belal Aldabbour,  Palestinian physician

Belal Aldabbour is a Palestinian physician who lives in Gaza. He tweets from there as @Belalmd12. He’s an indispensable eyewitness to Israel’s latest attack on the besieged territory. But even more, he — and others on the internet — are demolishing the latest biased and dishonest reports in the New York Times and other mainstream media outlets.

Yesterday he tweeted, “Israel is generously (and provokingly) sharing graphic videos of the latest strikes in #Gaza, showing the very last seconds in the lives of the victims. One was lying down. Another was having a phone call.” And he then added, “Israel is going the extra mile to provoke factions in #Gaza. Something reeks here.”

That “something” is the widespread view that Prime Minister Yair Lapid is instigating the conflict to improve his chances in the upcoming November Israeli elections. Another experienced observer, the writer Ben Ehrenreich, tweeted, “Imprisoning two million people and then bombing them every time you have an election coming up is a profoundly sick political ritual.” The connection between an Israeli election and increased violence against Palestinians is nothing new. This site explained it back in November 2019.

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