Meta facilitates bullying of Palestine activists

Photo illustrations in China.
Meta stands accused of breaking its commitment to host diverse views. (Credit Image: © Budrul Chukrut/SOPA Images via ZUMA Press Wire) 
Meta’s inaction raises many questions.

By Omar Zahzah  | The Eletronic Intifada | July 28, 2022

If these are indeed values to which Meta holds itself, Palestine is apparently an exception to the norm

Tech giant Meta – owner of Facebook – is increasingly being identified with censorship and repression of pro-Palestine content.

The company has regularly targeted accounts advancing the Palestinian liberation struggle in various capacities, subjecting them to all forms of obstruction, from shadow-banning to outright deletion.

But up until now, Meta’s political bigotry has largely revolved around hiding, blocking or removing content that centers Palestine.

Now, it seems the platform is also tacitly supporting clear and open targeted abuse of pro-Palestine content creators by anti-Palestinian accounts orchestrated by JewBelong, a recently-formed non-profit group.

JewBelong is a website that claims to promote and explain Judaism mostly to Jews, as well as to act as a community space for Jews who feel distant or insecure about Jewish religion, heritage and culture.

However, it is openly targeting Palestinian accounts – occasionally giving cash prizes – in clear violation of stated Meta community standards to “include different views and beliefs, especially from people and communities that might otherwise be overlooked or marginalized.”

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