Stories of church struggle


This collection of articles highlights the ongoing work churches are doing to tip the scale for justice for Palestinians.

By Palestine Portal | June 1, 2022

“The urgent call for change from our Palestinian partners compels us to witness in a way that acknowledges new realities and asserts a vision consistent with our long record of engagement in struggles for justice for all people.”
— Reverend Jeff Wright, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

On May 5 an article appeared in Sightings, the twice-weekly publication of the University of Chicago Divinity School, a respected mainline seminary. Titled “Is Israel Practicing Apartheid? American Churches Join the Conversation,” it likely raised some eyebrows. “The issue is on the table for the church in a way it has not been previously,” writes the author, Rev. Jeff Wright. The article, still featured on the homepage, is evidence of another taboo broken — the “A” word and “Israel” appearing in the same sentence.

In this issue of Celebrating Our Global Community we bring you stories from the UK, Africa and the United States further documenting what we named in the October 2021 issue as a “Tipping Point” in the global church movement for Palestine.

We also cover the story of the church tribunal that has been inflicted on Church of England vicar Stephen Sizer for his opposition to Christian Zionism and his tireless work on behalf of the Palestinian people. That the notorious British Board of Jewish Deputies has the power to drag the Anglican Church into its merciless pursuit of Rev. Sizer is balanced by the good news of prophetic action, reported on here in October 2021, at the grassroots of the Church of England. The church struggle continues!

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