Why Israel refused Palestinian solidarity with Holocaust victims

A participant walks with an Israeli flag during Holocaust commemorations at Auschwitz on 28 April 2022. (credit: AFP)
Israeli Zionists have used the genocide for propagandistic purposes in asserting their ‘right’ to historic Palestine.

By Joseph Massad | Middle East Eye | May 29, 2022

Palestinians and other Arabs were called upon to accept the linkage between the Holocaust and Israel’s “right to exist as a Jewish state” as a package deal.

The joint Israeli-Gulf NGO Sharaka recently boasted of organizing an Arab delegation to Auschwitz to commemorate the Holocaust. It included activists, politicians and media “influencers” from SyriaLebanonSaudi ArabiaJordanEgyptMoroccoTurkey, occupied East Jerusalem, the UAE and Bahrain.

Founded in late 2020 after the signing of the Abraham Accords, Sharaka aims “to build bonds between young Israeli and Gulf leaders”. Around 100 Palestinian citizens of Israel also participated in the Holocaust commemoration. While the Arab delegates who spoke to the media failed to mention Israel’s ongoing colonial oppression of the Palestinian people, they did speak about how in commemorating the Holocaust, they aimed to strengthen Arab-Israeli relations and see “Arabs coming together with Israelis voluntarily”.

Since World War II and the establishment of Israel in 1948, Palestinian Arab history and Jewish history have been inextricably linked. Israeli Zionists have appropriated events in Jewish history, including the Holocaust, for propagandistic purposes to assert their “right” to Palestine – a land to which they had laid their suspect colonial claim half a century before the genocide.

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