JCB challenged over machinery used to demolish Palestinian homes

israeli excavators
Israeli excavators demolish the homes of Palestinians in the West Bank on 23 September 2020. (photo: Mamoun  / Anadolu Agency)
British manufacturing equipment company JCB will face investigation for their role in demolition of Palestinian homes.

By Patrick Wintour |  The Guardian  | Oct 13, 2020

‘JCB’s apparent failure to address the material and prolific use of its products in demolition and displacement incidents that cruelly impacts Palestinian families, and also its use in settlement-related construction which creates pervasive human rights violations, must cease immediately.’
— Tareq Shrourou, director of Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights

The British heavy machinery firm JCB’s sale of equipment used in the destruction of Palestinian villages in the Israeli-occupied West Bank is being examined by a UK government body to determine whether its due diligence process complies with human rights guidelines set by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The case is likely to test the degree to which multinationals are responsible if their export goods are sold by local distributors in ways that infringe human rights.

JCB, which has donated millions of pounds to the Conservative party and at least £25,000 to Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign, can now enter into government-overseen mediation with the NGO that made the claim or it can outright contest the claim.

The claim was launched by Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights last December after JCB refused to communicate with the lobby group over claims that its tractors were being used to tear up Palestinian villages.

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