Balfour Declaration was issued to gain Jewish support for war effort, Ben-Ami explains

Arthur Balfour and his Declaration of 1917 (Wikipedia commons)
Arthur Balfour and his Declaration of 1917 (Wikipedia commons)
Conflicting promises made during war time has provided years of debate about intention.

By Philip Weiss | Mondoweiss | May 2, 2020

…the Balfour Declaration was the act of a colonial overlord trying to please an influential minority inside the country, a minority British leaders perceived to be Zionist.

Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street has a video primer on the history of the conflict that while obviously from a liberal Zionist perspective (“the Temple Mount”), is good on the unfairness of Trump’s deal of the century, showing that Palestinian areas would be connected by a “spaghetti” of roads.

I like Ben-Ami’s explanation of the British Balfour Declaration of 1917.

It’s one of those things that is absolutely key to understanding this. The British in the course of fighting World War 1 were looking for the support domestically in the U.K. of the Jewish community and there was a desire to offer and to promise to that community something that they wanted in order to have their support for the war effort. And one of the promises that was made was by Lord Balfour to the Jewish community, that in fact the entirety of the British Mandate would be a national homeland for the Jewish people.

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