Aftermath: The Iran war after the Soleimani assassination


No War with Iran protest Jan 4, 2020 in Durham NC. (photo: Anthony Crider – CC BY 2.0)
Trump’s Iran policy, as with Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, is taking to its logical and deadly conclusion the entire imperialist-zionist conception of the Middle East.

By Jim Kavanagh | CounterPunch |  Jan 24, 2020

The one big war makes perfect sense when one understands that the United States has thoroughly internalized Israel’s interests as its own.

“Praise be to God, who made our enemies fools.”
— Ayatollah Khamenei

I’ve been writing and speaking for months about the looming danger of war with Iran, often to considerable skepticism.

In June, in an essay entitled “Eve of Destruction: Iran Strikes Back,” after the U.S. initiated its “maximum pressure” blockade of Iranian oil exports, I pointed out that “Iran considers that it is already at war,” and that the downing of the U.S. drone was a sign that “Iran is calling the U.S. bluff on escalation dominance.”

In an October essay, I pointed out that Trump’s last-minute calling off of the U.S. attack on Iran in June, his demurral again after the Houthi attack on Saudi oil facilities, and his announced withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria were seen as “catastrophic” and “a big win for Iran” by the Iran hawks in Israel and America whose efforts New York Times (NYT) detailed in an important article, “The Secret History of the Push to Strike Iran.” I said, with emphasis, “It always goes to Iran,” and underlined that Trump’s restraint was particularly galling to hard-line zionist Republican Senators, and might have opened a path to impeachment. I cited the reported statement of a “veteran political consultant” that “The price of [Lindsey] Graham’s support… would be an eventual military strike on Iran.”

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