Will a Trump peace plan hasten the end of Israel as a Jewish state?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks on Mar 23, 2018. (photo: Ofer Vaknin / Haaretz)
Many analysts and scholars now believe that a two-state idea is dead.

By Trudy Rubin | The Philadelpia Inquirer  |  Jan 22, 2020

Whether or not Kushner releases his peace plan, it’s clear it won’t promote a two-state solution, or focus on any political solution.

The world continues to churn outside the impeachment trial in Washington, including some potentially game-changing events in Israel.

In advance of the March 2 elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main political rival, Benny Gantz, have each vowed to annex one-third of the occupied West Bank.

Netanyahu has also promised to extend sovereignty to 132 or more Israeli settlements, some the size of small cities, which are scattered across the West Bank. The Israeli leader said he wanted to take advantage of the “unique, one-off opportunity” afforded by the Trump administration.

Meantime, Israeli media claim President Donald Trump will soon release his long-awaited Middle East “peace plan,” crafted by son-in-law Jared Kushner, presumably in time to help Netanyahu in a tight election.

Yet this rush toward annexation, with Trump’s apparent blessing, could spell the end of Israel as a democratic Jewish state.

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