Killing a Palestinian, according to the rules

Order must be maintained. If Palestinians start getting killed against the regulations, we’ll lose control.

By Zvi Bar’el | Haaretz | Jan 30, 2019

Because it’s allowed to commit the most terrible and despicable acts, to kill a disabled Palestinian when his back is turned to the shooter, to demolish a home inhabited by innocent civilians, to prevent entry to a wheat field or an olive grove, to keep 2 million people closed up in a pen, to cause the deaths of sick people unable to get to a hospital — on condition that everything is done according to the regulations, the instructions and the norms.

Someone killed a Palestinian, and suddenly the country is amazed and in an uproar. Who in the world could have killed this Palestinian? (And who even remembers his name? After all, it happened a long time ago, four days ago.) Settlers? The settlement’s volunteer armed security team? Maybe the army?

The undisputed fact is that the Palestinian “met” his death. That’s how it is with the Palestinians. They seek and meet their death. It’s the same custom that got Aisha al-Rabi killed by a stone thrown at her a few months ago.

But the pure Jewish souls can find no rest. We have to investigate, they say, we have to discover the truth, find the murderers, punish them; the same law applies to everyone, Jews and Palestinians.

Suddenly it turns out that the story isn’t the murder, but the investigation. If only the police didn’t just hold a friendly discussion with the settlers of the Adei Ad outpost but questioned them as people who might be charged with a crime. If only they’d do a ballistics test on the guns, whose barrels have probably already been replaced, if only they’d leave someone in detention for two whole days, we could wash our hands of all this.

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