New “progressive” pro-Israel group has strong ties to AIPAC

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On Monday, the Democratic Majority for Israel was incorporated in Washington. On the same day it received a favorable write-up in the NY Times.

By Aiden Pink | Forward | Jan 30, 2019

AIPAC has been discussing credibility problems with progressives at the highest level. And they have been exploring the possibility of creating a Democratic group that would push AIPAC policy and fight the pro-Israel fight within the Democratic Party. That’s something they’ve been discussing for years.

For at least five years, pro-Israel groups who want Israel to enjoy bipartisan support in the United States have been worried about Democrats. While evangelical Republicans are some of Israel’s most passionate supporters, young Democrats are less likely to support Israel than in past generations.

The groups have tried to reverse this trend in lots of ways: free junkets to Israel for everyone from feminists to firefighters, increased educational programming on college campuses, and new organizations like Zioness. AIPAC, the major pro-Israel lobby, has particularly emphasized the growth (or stopping the decay) of liberal support for Israel, even naming a director of progressive outreach.

On Monday, a new group was incorporated in Washington, with a flashy website, a roster of diverse and distinguished board members and a write-up in The New York Times: the Democratic Majority for Israel.

The new group says it’s independent and distinct from AIPAC, proudly progressive where AIPAC’s bipartisanship limits how far to the left it can go.

But of its 15 board members, 11 have either worked or volunteered for it, donated to it or spoken at its events. The company that made DMFI’s announcement video has long worked with AIPAC, including designing its Policy Conference app.

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