Doctor recalls slain Palestine paramedic’s bravery

Dr. Marc Sinclair with volunteers and Razan Al Najjar (third from left) in Gaza. (photo: Marc Sinclair / Khaleej Times)

Razan is remembered for her speech and the way she always talked about her determination.

By Sherouk Zakaria |Khaleej Times | Jun 4, 2018

 “On one side, you have kids with slingshots and people who burn tires, and on other side, there’s sophisticated army of snipers and soldiers.”
— Dr. Marc Sinclair


Along the fence dividing the Gaza Strip from Israel lie a bunch of tents of volunteers who drag injured demonstrators away from the danger zone to provide necessary help using basic medical tools.

One of the young women in white paramedic’s uniform was Razan Al Najjar, the 21-year-old volunteer emergency medical worker who was recently shot dead as she tried to aid a demonstrator, during the ongoing Palestinian protest campaign.

“Razan was a very outspoken and proud woman. She was sure of her role and what she could do to contribute on ground,” said Dr Marc Sinclair, a Dubai-based pediatric orthopedic surgeon who founded the Little Wings Foundation charity that treats children in Palestine.

He met Razan during his last visit to Khan Younis in the Southern Gaza strip to provide medical assistance to children who have musculoskeletal deformities in last April.

She was the 119th Palestinian killed since the protests began in March, according to Gaza health officials.

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