I’m not ashamed to be Israeli — but I’m disgusted with having become Pharaoh

Palestinian paramedics carry a protester injured during clashes with Israeli forces following a tent city gathering at the Israel-Gaza border, Apr 2, 2018. (photo: Said Khatib / AFP)

Living in Israel has turned me into a person who can live with a government that relates to African asylum-seekers and millions of Palestinians as property.

By Bradley Burston | Haaretz | Apr 2, 2018

Living in Israel has hardened my heart. It has made me into a person who cannot believe that Israel will do the right thing. That Israel will make any effort at all to even begin treat the true cancer in our body — the occupation.

The best people I have ever met live in Israel.

They are tireless. They come in all colors and creeds. Their reservoirs of hope, goodness, giving for others, respecting the Other, striving for a better, more human, society — despite everything, despite hatred and graft and incitement and ill-will — are as boundless as they are inexplicable.

Then there is Caroline Glick.

On Monday, when, in a shocking announcement, the government declared that it had abruptly cancelled its plan to deport thousands of African asylum seekers, and that it would grant legal status to as many as 18,000, Jewish Agency Spokesman Avi Mayer hailed the step as “a very big deal, resolving an issue that had threatened to divide Israeli society and drive a wedge between Israel and Jewish communities abroad.”

Celebrity-right journalist Glick was swift to respond.

“This is terrible,” she tweeted. “US Jewry joined radical Israeli left financed by US Jewry to force govt to ignore it’s laws and desire of citizens to allow 18,000 illegal aliens to receive citizenship. This is walking, breathing anti-Zionism.”

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