Were Palestinians wrong to endorse a nonviolent struggle?

A demonstrator protests against Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Nablus, Dec 29, 2017. (photo: Mohamad Torokman / Reuters)

Europe told us that only after we Palestinians endorsed non-violence and the 1967 borders would they act on our behalf. We did. Now they refuse to act, because of pressure from a rogue state — America.

By Saeb Erekat | Haaretz | Mar 21, 2018

By refusing to work with the only established international order to assert Palestinian rights [the United Nations Human Rights Council], the Israeli government gets carte blanche to continue colonizing Palestinian land, while the Palestinian people get the message that international law and diplomacy are useless in their quest for freedom, justice and independence.

This is actually happening. European countries, members of the European Union, itself birthed out of the ashes of the last century’s unprecedented atrocities, are currently putting pressure on Palestine not to demand its rights at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

This Friday, four resolutions on Palestine will be voted on, and some European countries are concerned about the political implications of any calls to hold Israel accountable for its systematic violations of international law.

The very international legal standards Palestine clings to — self-determination, non-acquisition of territory through force, and equality — are the bedrock of the European project.

The European Union, with its focus on international law and global norms, was seen as the antidote to the 20th Century’s wars where nations were denied self-determination, rogue states sought to acquire territory through force, and Europe’s citizens suffered immeasurable atrocities based on their ethnic, religious, and national origins. These noble universal ideals that Europe championed are the basis for our struggle.

What are some of those countries trying to achieve by preventing the international community from taking action when Palestine suffers this fate, continuing into the 21st Century?

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