The quiet expulsion of Palestinians from Jerusalem

Salah Hammouri, a Jerusalem-born Palestinian lawyer holding French citizenship, was expelled by Israel and deported to France on 18 December. [credit: Getty]
Salah Hammouri’s deportation highlights the longstanding Israeli policy of revoking the residency rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem. Rights groups say it is a tool of forcible transfer.

By Ibrahim Husseini  | The New Arab | Dec 28, 2022

“Israel is working to undermine and reduce the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem,”
— Jessica Montell, the director of the Israeli Center for the Defence of the Individual, HaMoked

If you are Palestinian and a resident of East Jerusalem, then beware. Israel’s interior ministry could be watching, waiting for an opportune moment to remove you from the city or the country altogether.

The criteria are fluid, and often trivial, with working or studying abroad sufficient justification to remove your residency rights. It can also include holding a foreign passport or expressing political views not aligned with the state.

Since 2018, Israeli authorities have legally been able to accuse Palestinians of ‘breached allegiance’ and revoke their permanent residency, without ever providing evidence or offering a chance to fight it in court.

The policy is determined.

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