AIPAC spent a lot on these midterms, but it didn’t work

Democratic House candidate Summer Lee in Pittsburgh last May. (Credit: Rebecca Droke/AP)

By Ben Samuels| Haaretz | Nov 9, 2022

The biggest highlight from an American-Jewish perspective was perhaps in Pennsylvania…

WASHINGTON – Irrespective of whether they ultimately control the House and/or the Senate, Tuesday’s midterms turned out to be a major disappointment for the Republican Party. The anticipated red wave became a trickle, with extremist GOP candidates embroiled in antisemitism controversies soundly defeated across the country.

The biggest highlight from an American-Jewish perspective was perhaps in Pennsylvania, where Jewish Democrat Josh Shapiro triumphed over Donald Trump-endorsed Doug Mastriano in the state’s much-publicized gubernatorial race.

Throughout the campaign, Shapiro had highlighted his Jewish faith as central to his views on governing. Mastriano, meanwhile, had accused him of being out of touch with ordinary people – implicitly citing as evidence Shapiro’s active participation in the Jewish community and the fact that his children attend a private Jewish day school.

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