How an Israeli raid on a Palestinian rights group unfolded

A screenshot taken from CCTV footage of an Israeli raid on the office of the Palestinian human rights group Al Haq on Aug 18 shows soldiers taking selfies, at right. (Credit: Courtesy of Forensic Architecture)
Many questions raised about a military operation against a civil society organization.

By Miriam Berger | Washington Post  | Sept 16, 2022

“…there is something about crossing the line for targeting the organizations that are responsible for criticizing centers of power. It’s the height of subjugation and domination.”
— Michael Sfard, an Israeli lawyer

The soldiers can be seen busting down doors and rummaging through documents. They casually take selfies and mockingly distribute business cards.

CCTV footage from an Israeli raid last month on the leading Palestinian human rights group sheds new light on the operation and challenges the official narrative about why the organization was targeted.

The Aug. 18 early morning raid on the Ramallah office of Al Haq, as well as six other rights groups, drew diplomatic backlash and international condemnation of Israel’s tightening restrictions on Palestinian civil society.

Israel designated six of the organizations as supporters of terrorism in October 2021, claiming they had ties to the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), which has organized deadly attacks against Israel. Al Haq and the other groups rejected the accusations, accusing Israel of targeting them for their work documenting alleged abuses against Palestinians.

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