Illegal kings on Palestinian land

U.S. Army personnel meeting with Hebron Jewish settlers including Noam Arnon, second from left, and Rabbi Yishai Fleisher (R) outside Ibrahimi Mosque.  “A U.S. Military attache and security coordinator” were accompanied by Israeli forces, according to Hebron Fund, which posted the phone January 18, 2022.
Settler violence in Hebron exposes the true colonial face of the Zionist project, and the world cannot sit idly by while it continues.

By Mella Jongebloed | Mondoweiss | Aug 27, 2022

As Israel tries to prevent tourists from traveling to the West Bank by scaring them off, it is my duty to bear witness to what I have seen

A group of eleven young settlers pass by, aged somewhere between fifteen and eighteen. Two soldiers walk with them on foot and a military vehicle drives beside them. Along the side of the road are outposts where soldiers have their guns ready at any time. The settlers say something to us in Hebrew that we don’t understand, their faces show an arrogance that does not match their age. A few meters down the road, we see one of them spitting on a Palestinian man who sits on the staircase in front of his house. When we pass the man, we reckon he is mute. He mumbles unintelligible words, points with his arms at the settlers, seemingly upset but not able to tell what happened.

It is June 2022. Taking a break from my studies, I am spending three months in Hebron, from the beginning of May until the beginning of August. I have been sympathetic with the Palestinian cause ever since I learned about the occupation as part of my studies on the Middle Eas. But to gain the credibility to advocate for the Palestinian cause, I wanted to experience the situation first-hand.

And experience it I did.

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