Taking on the “charities” that fund Israel’s settlers

The Palestinians of Masafer Yatta are fighting an attempt to eliminate them. (credit: Mamoun Wazwaz / APA images)
 Targeting the financial resources of the settler-colonial movement.

By Sami Huraini | The Electronic Intifada | Jul 26, 2022

As Palestinians confront a matrix of Israeli violence – bullets, batons and prison – we are calling on solidarity activists to connect awareness-raising efforts with activities that can cut off the financial resources of the Israeli settler movement.

The pending erasure of the Indigenous people of Masafer Yatta isn’t solely about the “occupation,” as liberal Zionists would lead you to believe.

Palestinians are fighting much more than an “occupation.” We are fighting Israel’s program of settler-colonialism.

We are fighting against efforts to eliminate us.

Deep down, every Palestinian knows it’s not solely about the “occupation.”

Every day, Palestinians face the threat of being arrested and imprisoned indefinitely, killed or displaced from our land. Our experience tells us that our existence is a threat to Israel.

The only “solution” to this danger is to get rid of us.

During June, one of the young men from our community of al-Tuwani raised a Palestinian flag from a tree in our village. Days later, Israeli military forces launched a violent raid to take the flag down.

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