Palestinian flag emerges as flashpoint as tensions simmer across Israel

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A Palestinian man waves his national flag as Israelis mark Jerusalem Day, an Israeli holiday celebrating the capture of the Old City during the 1967 Mideast war, outside Jerusalem’s Old City, Sunday, May 29, 2022.  (credit: AP Photo / Mahmoud Illean)
Members of the Israeli Parliament advance bill to ban waving the Palestinian flag at state-funded institutions.

The Times of Israel | June 6, 2022

“The Palestinian flag reminds Israelis that there is another nation here and some people don’t want to see another nation here,”
— Jafar Farah, who heads Mossawa, an advocacy group promoting greater rights for Arab citizens of Israel who identify as Palestinian

It’s not a bomb or a gun or a rocket. The latest threat identified by Israel is the Palestinian flag.

Recent weeks have seen a furor by nationalists over the waving of the red, white, green and black flag by Palestinians across Israel.

Yet the fracas over the flag tells a broader story about how much hopes for peace with the Palestinians have diminished and about the stature of the 20 percent of Israelis who identify as Arab or Palestinian.

Arab citizens of Israel see the campaign against the flag as another affront to their national identity and their rights as a minority in the majority Jewish state.

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