Russia, Israel and the media

Free newspaper boxes covered in snow beneath the Chinatown Arch in downtown Washington, DC. (credit: Matt Popovich / Unsplash)
Readers should demand the media report what is happening around the world, without picking and choosing what they will report based on race and/or ethnicity.

By Robert Fantina | Counter Punch | Apr 29, 2022

Apparently, bombs are dropped on white, Christian Europeans, but ‘airstrikes’ are launched on Middle-Eastern Muslims.

The world is, very reasonably, horrified at what is happening in Ukraine. Russia is apparently committing war crimes and crimes against humanity as it bombs residences, hospitals and any other sites its warplanes encounter.

The headlines are jarring:

“Russia bombs five railway stations” (The Guardian).
“Russia bombs Ukraine Steel Plant” (Daily Sabah).
“Russia using cluster bombs” (The Guardian).
“Russia restarts bombing” (iNews).

These are just a few examples.

Let us look now at some other headlines:

“Israel Airstrikes Hit Gaza After Rocket Fire” (Wall Street Journal).
“Israel Airstrikes Target Gaza” (Sky News).
“IDF Says it Struck Hamas Weapons Depot” (The Times of Israel).
“Israel Military Launches Airstrikes” (New York Post).

Is it just this writer, or does it appear that ‘airstrikes’ seems a lot more benign that ‘bombs’? Why not say ‘Israel Bombs Gaza’ rather than sugar-coating the deadly bombing of innocent men, women and children? Would anyone find it acceptable to say that ‘Russian Airstrikes hit Ukraine Steel Plant after Resistance’

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