The end of nonviolent resistance

Israeli security forces search for shooters after a suspected terror attack on Dizengoff Street in central Tel Aviv, April 7th, 2022. (credit: Ilia Yefimovich / AP)
The recent wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis come as other options have been delegitimized.

By Isaac Scher  | Jewish Currents | Apr 12, 2022

Palestinian violence is a reaction to the “incessant pressure on Palestinians from so many different sources…”
— Khaled Elgindy, director of the Middle East Institute’s program on Palestine and Israeli–Palestinian affairs

Since March 22nd, five Palestinian assailants have killed 14 people in Israel in four separate attacks. Two of the attackers lived in the West Bank, the other three in Israel. The Islamic State, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for one of the attacks; the attacker in a separate incident was affiliated with the group. A member of Islamic Jihad, a militant group in the West Bank, carried out the most recent attack, in Tel Aviv. “The city shut down when he was on the loose,” Dahlia Scheindlin, a political scientist and a member of the Jewish Currents advisory board, said. “Thursday is usually a party night, but the city was totally empty. It was swarming with officers, helicopters, and cop cars in all directions.” The next morning, the attacker was found and killed.

Israel’s retributive violence has been swift. Since the first of the four attacks, the Israeli government has allocated $56 million to Israeli police in “emergency” funds and $112 million to construct a new stretch of separation wall dividing the West Bank from Israel. According to Defense Minister Benny Gantz, the military has arrested 200 people and could arrest “thousands” more. Military raids in the West Bank continue at a record-high clip. When Israeli settlers threw stones at residents of the Palestinian town of Tuba and destroyed some of their property last week, Israeli authorities instead arrested a Palestinian resident, who they charged with throwing stones, fined, and temporarily banned from the town.

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