The right’s selective outrage on antisemitism is a scam

An anniversary of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting. (credit: Jeff Swensen / Getty Images)
Conservative media distort the public’s perception of the real threats of anti-Jewish bigotry

By Elad Nehorai | Daily Beast | Mar 14, 2022

Right-wing media have massive power to shift attention in any direction they choose.

When I was a columnist for the Jewish publication The Forward a few years ago, I was an outspoken critic of the Women’s March leaders, who despite their progressive politics, had questionable associations with antisemites. I felt that Tamika Mallory, in particular, had used antisemitic rhetoric herself.

At the time, I was surprised and gratified at how quickly the story was picked up by other news outlets and how easily attention was brought to my sincere concerns. In a matter of days, I was appearing on cable news, and a social media debate raged for weeks.

I experienced this exact pattern a number of other times, such as when I called out Jeremy Corbyn for antisemitism in an exchange with Rep. Alexandria Ocazio-Cortez on Twitter.

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