Palestine is a Feminist Issue!


Read about the amazing Palestinian women resisting Israeli apartheid.

By Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) | BDS | Mar 8, 2022

One cannot stand against the oppression of women without standing with Palestinian women.

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD), and here at the BDS movement want to take this opportunity to celebrate the role of women in the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

For decades, women have played a pivotal role in the popular resistance to Israeli apartheid and settler-colonialism. Since May 2021, Palestinians across historic Palestine and in the diaspora have risen up in unity against Israel’s sustained, brutal attacks and ongoing ethnic cleansing. From Al-Naqab to Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza and beyond, images of brave Palestinian women resisting racist oppression and dispossession have been broadcast around the world.

This IWD, “Women Unite Against Apartheid!” is our call! Today, we share the stories of female resistance. Women across historic Palestine, including in Al-Naqab, Sheikh Jarrah, and Gaza have shown that “a woman’s palace is in the revolution”, as Irish suffragist and nationalist Constance Markievicz once said.

We spoke with just some of the countless courageous Palestinian women living under Israeli apartheid and occupation and asked them to share their daily experiences, their inspirations and why feminists around the world should support Palestinian women.

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