Israel calls the fight for Palestinian rights ‘terror’ – and so turns reality on its head

Sheikh Jarrah demonstration. Plestinian flag. 30 July 2021 (AFP)
A hand, painted with the Palestinian flag, is raised during a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, 30 July 2021 (credit: AFP)
The aim is to embarrass Europe into defunding Palestinian human rights groups who have been effective at documenting Israeli war crimes, and therefore prevent further scrutiny.

By Jonathan Cook | Middle East Eye | Oct 25, 2021

“Gantz says we are a terror organization, when he himself is a war criminal”.
— Shawan Jabareen, director of al-Haq

Did someone forget to tell Benny Gantz that Donald Trump is no longer the United States president?

It certainly looked that way last Friday as Israel’s defense minister – who has been presented as a force for moderation in an Israeli government led by the settler right – declared six leading Palestinian human rights groups to be “terrorist organizations”.

The move effectively outlaws the most prominent organizations in the Palestinian human rights community.

Despite the eternal bonds so often lauded by Israeli and US officials, President Joe Biden’s administration appeared to be caught off-guard by the announcement, despite claims from Israel that Washington had been forewarned.

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