Help to save Tent of Nations

Bishop Ivan Abrahams of South Africa presents the World Methodist Council Peace Award 2018 to Daoud Nassar at Tent of Nations in the West Bank, occupied Palestinian territory.
This multi-generational family peace project, beloved and celebrated around the world, is in danger of confiscation and destruction.

By United Methodist Kairos Response | Sept 2021

Twenty years ago, in 2001, the Nassar family named their farm Tent of Nations, receiving visitors from around the world to foster a connection between the land and people.

The Tent of Nations peace project is located on the Nassar family’s 100-acre farm, six miles from Bethlehem. It is in Area C of the West Bank, occupied Palestinian territory; Area C is under full Israeli military control.

This wonderful farm is being slowly strangled by the never-ending Israeli military occupation, surrounded by expanding Israeli settlements that are illegally colonizing the West Bank.

The Nassar family purchased the land over one hundred years ago and has been farming it ever since.

For decades, they have been in a continuous legal struggle with the Israeli government and courts, crossing every legal hurdle to establish their ownership of their land.

Nevertheless, they continue to be attacked, portions of their land destroyed, access roads and servicescut off.

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