On Israel’s history of targeting pregnant Palestinian women

Anhar al-Deek, 26, is expected to have a cesarean delivery while in Israeli custody. (credit: photo via Social Media)
Silencing political active women a tactic being used to intimidate women into submission.

By Benay Blend | Palestine Chronicle | Aug 31, 2021

“The challenge for prisoners is to transform [their] detention into a state of a ‘cultural revolution’ through reading, education and literary discussions.”
— political prisoner and Palestinian leader Khalida Jarrar

In late August 2021, Palestinian prisoner Anhar Al-Deek, who is nine months pregnant, wrote a moving letter to her family.

“What should I do if I give birth far from you? I am tied up, how can I give birth via cesarean section when I am alone in prison?” she asked, then added, “I am exhausted, and I had severe pains in the pelvis and severe pain in my legs due to sleeping on the prison beds. I do not know how I want to sleep on it after my delivery operation.”

According to Shatha Hammad, officers accused her of attempting to carry out a stabbing attack, but have not ruled on her family’s appeal to have her released for the birth of the child in what appears to be a complicated medical situation. Anhar’s mother Aisha told Middle East Eye reporters that her daughter had gone out for a walk where she was attacked by Israeli soldiers who accused her of trying to stab them. They continued to beat her, Aisha said, even though she told them repeatedly that she was pregnant.

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