‘I thought I would die’: Settlers abduct, brutally attack Palestinian teen

Tareq Zbeideh (left) and his father Abed a-Razeq seen in their family home after Tareq was abducted and brutally attacked by settlers near the former settlement of Homesh, Silat a-Dahr, West Bank. (credit: Oren Ziv)
15-year-old Tareq Zbeideh describes how he was kidnapped, tied, and beaten by settlers while picnicking with his friends near a settlement outpost.

By Oren Ziv and Ahmad Al-Bazz | +972 Magazine | Aug 26, 2021

Homesh [former settlement] was supposed to return to Palestinian hands, but in recent years settlers have set up a new outpost there.

For the last two weeks, Tareq Zbeideh has been lying wounded in his bed in the northern West Bank town of Silat a-Dahr for the past week, after being kidnapped and brutally attacked by Israeli settlers on July 17.

According to Zbeideh, 15, he was enjoying a picnic with friends near the former settlement of Homesh — one of the four Israeli settlements removed from the occupied West Bank during the Gaza Disengagement in 2006 — when settlers hit him with their car and tied him to the vehicle, before dragging him to an isolated area and beating him. The attack lasted half an hour, during which Zbeideh says the settlers tied him to a tree, beat him with a belt, sprayed him with pepper spray, electrocuted him, and then burned him with the car’s cigarette lighter.

He was found by the Israeli army, which returned him to his family. “I thought I would not make it out alive,” Zbeideh said this week.

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