GOP support of Israel isn’t legislation, but fundraising – opinion

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Committee Chairman Carl Levin leads a US Senate Armed Services Committee hearing in 2013. (photo credit: Larry Downing / Reuters)
The righteous indignation of the Ben & Jerry’s controversy is rapidly blasted in emails to prospective donors. Over and over again.

By Douglas Bloomfield | The Jerusalem Post] | Aug 4, 2021

Former US senator Carl Levin, who died last week at 87, was one of the few unafraid to speak truth to power.

Over 50 years on and around Capitol Hill, I have found Israel has many friends, but not nearly as many as those who loudly declare the love and devotion.

Like the congressman with a large Jewish constituency who portrayed himself as Israel’s greatest defender in Congress but behind the scenes worked against it. There was the time he confided in colleagues that he hated the Israeli prime minister and wanted to cut aid as punishment. After losing his argument, he sought out a favorite reporter so he could publicly declare he not only supported the current aid levels but intended to lead the fight to increase funding.

None of his colleagues ever called him on it publicly, maybe out of courtesy or because they had some misgivings of their own.
Speaking truth to constituents is as difficult as speaking truth to power.

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