Tangible change in US public opinion toward Palestinians

Thousands gathered at Copley Square in Boston, Massachusetts, during a recent demonstration to support the Palestinian struggle for rights and freedom. (AFP)
There are indications of a shift in attitudes on unconditionional aid to Israel.

By Daoud Kuttab | Arab News | May 20, 2021

“Since the events in Ferguson (Missouri), there have been many black-led organizations who have traveled to Palestine and have learned firsthand what the situation is like, and have since networked Palestine with the African American community,
—Sarah Nahar, an African-American activist

PHILADELPHIA, US: A recent headline in the Boston Globe, a leading US paper, which read “US aid to Israel should be a force for peace,” has surprised many readers.

The paper, in its May 19 edition, published it as part of a hard-hitting column by its editorial board, adding: “Ultimately, conditioning aid to Israel should not be controversial.”

Trudy Rubin, a leading columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, meanwhile, put Hamas and the Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu on the same level, saying: “By treating Palestinians as irrelevant, Bibi provoked violence that has killed hundreds of mostly Palestinian civilians and threatened Israeli towns and cities.”

Major TV stations, especially MSNBC and CNN, have had anchors challenge more Israeli guests than ever before. Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in major US cities, meanwhile, have seen huge turnouts.

Sarah Nahar, an African-American activist, told Arab News that since 2015, Black internationalism had seen a resurgence unseen since the late 1960s.

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