Israel demolished 58 Palestinian facilities, built 5,000 settlement units in Jerusalem so far this year

A Palestinian shed is demolished near Jerusalem’s Old City in an area deemed a national park.  (photo: AFP)
Demolitions and evictions of Palestinians by Israeli authorities continue and human rights organization say this may amount to ethnic cleansing.

By Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor | May 3, 2021

During the preparation of this statement, 28 Palestinian families comprising of about 500 people from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem have been threatened with forced displacement.

During the past four months, Israel has escalated its policy of demolishing Palestinian homes and facilities and removing Palestinians from their neighborhoods, while building thousands of settlement units in East Jerusalem. Such a conduct aims to perpetuate racial discrimination and eliminate the Palestinian Arab presence in the city.

Euro-Med Monitor recorded that during the first four months of this year, 86 violations related to the demolition of Palestinian homes and consolidation of their settlement presence, were carried out by the Israeli forces in East Jerusalem. The month of March alone witnessed 31 violations.

The Israeli forces have demolished 31 homes since the beginning of this year, half of them occurred in March. Sixteen of those houses were self-demolished by their owners to avoid paying fines and the exorbitant demolition costs.

The Israeli authorities have seized three houses and issued six eviction decisions for other homes. Moreover, the Israeli authorities issued an eviction decision was issued against the entire Wadi al-Rababa neighborhood in Jerusalem.

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