“Palestinian Gandhi” Issa Amro convicted in Israel

IssaAmroThe Israeli military court found Palestinian Issa Amro guilty in what human rights advocates have called a “campaign of persecution” against a nonviolent community organizer.

By Kathryn Shihadah |  IMEMC News  |  Jan 8, 2021

“Today Israel announced that Palestinians are not allowed to peacefully protest the Israeli occupation without a permit from the occupier…”
— Issa Amro

On Wednesday morning, an Israeli military court handed Palestinian human rights activist Issa Amro a guilty verdict on 6 of 16 counts. Charges are related to his nonviolent protests and organizing against the Israeli occupation.

Middle East Eye reports that Amro, who was recognized by the United Nations as “Human Rights Defender of the Year” in 2010, was convicted on 3 counts of “participating in a rally without a permit,” 2 counts of “obstructing a soldier,” and 1 count of “assault.”

Amnesty International has characterized the charges as “baseless,” and part of a “campaign of persecution” against Amro.

The obstruction charge relates to a sit-in protest in 2012; the assault charge refers to a case that had already been closed, in which he allegedly shoved a soldier in 2010.

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