An appeal to my liberal Zionist friends (who have No Program for Palestinian rights)

Flags at Peace Now rally May 27, 2017, Rabin Square, Tel Aviv. (photo: Phil Weiss)
A truth telling call to moral action.

By Philip Weiss  |  Mondoweiss | Dec 30, 2020

And 30 years of “peace process” later, aimed at creating a Palestinian state, the settlements continue to propagate, more than ever, engulfing Palestinian neighborhoods around Jerusalem. It’s a joke.

Dear liberal Zionist friends,

We’ve been friends for a while in a cordial but wary way, and as this tumultuous year ends, I wanted to appeal to you to change your stance. While your attitudes are well-meaning and and even idealistic, you have done nothing to change Israel’s conduct in some 40 years now; and the fact that you have not altered your messaging beyond Frustrated Wheedling with some Anger thrown in now and then is deeply disappointing to me.

The sad truth is that: You have no program at all for ending the occupation, you just hope Israel will change.

The absence of any vision tells me that all your liberal messaging is just lip service to Palestinian human rights. In the end what you really care about is “the right of the Jewish people to a state” in historic Palestine; and you’ve got that, and nothing must be done that would risk that project one iota.

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