Biden won’t advance ‘two-state solution’ but try to keep idea alive, somehow

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu in New Orleans in 2010. (photo: Israeli Government Press Office)
Here is what the Democratic Party’s Israel lobby sees as Israel/Palestine policy under a Biden administration.

By Philip Weiss  |  Mondoweiss  | Dec 24, 2020

The United States must also take early steps to deter Israeli annexation and settlement expansion by expressing unambiguous opposition to both….As part of this approach, the United States should make clear that it will not shield Israel from international consequences it might face when it takes actions, such as settlement construction, that are contrary to U.S. policy.
— Center for a New American Security report

Happy holidays and a happy end to 2020! This is Phil Weiss and I’m filling in for Michael Arria on this newsletter this week, and the best value seemed to me to relay what the Democratic Party’s Israel lobby sees as Israel/Palestine policy under a Biden administration.

What will Biden do on the conflict? What should he do?

And there’s a consensus from Israel’s liberal supporters. Biden won’t push for a two-state solution because there won’t be a Palestinian state in the next few years (or ever!). But he will take measures that keep the idea of two states on life support. I’m a cynic about these policies; I think the two-state solution is a charade that prolongs Palestinian suffering but allows American politicians and others to maintain the claim that they stand behind Palestinian human rights. But I’m putting on my reporter’s hat here, because these are D.C. insiders.

Biden has ‘zero percent chance’ of solving conflict

First off, here is Swedish professor Anders Persson speaking to Ori Nir of Americans for Peace Now on the chances of Biden reaching peace between the parties. Zero.

I would place Biden in the zero percent chance category. As far as I can see, there are no serious observers either in the Middle East or in the U.S. or in Europe who actually believe that Biden will solve the conflict. The expectations are low in terms of final status issues.”

Iran will be a bigger priority to Biden than the Israel-Palestine conflict. Partly because Israel hypes the Iran issue “because it serves to marginalize the Israeli Palestinian issue.”

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