Eight climate activists arrested in protest against new West Bank industrial zone

Israeli climate and human rights activists chain themselves to the entrance of HeidelbergCement quarry in the occupied West Bank to protest a government plan to expand the quarry and build an industrial zone nearby, November 22, 2020. (photo: Oren Ziv)
Climate justice and human rights activists chain themselves to entrance of Israeli quarry to protest the theft of Palestinian land and destruction of local ecology.

By Oren Ziv  | +972 Magazine |  Nov 22, 2020

‘We are here to demand climate justice for all who live in this land, humans and animals, Palestinians and Israelis, women and men, from every group, from every identity,’
— Ya’ara Peretz, one of the leaders of the action

Dozens of climate justice and human rights activists blocked the entrance to an Israeli quarry in the occupied West Bank Sunday morning to protest a plan to build a new industrial zone in the area. According to the protesters, the expansion plan of the HeidelbergCement Quarry, which will also include the building of a new Israeli cemetery, will destroy the ecological corridor of the center of the country and deepen the annexation of the West Bank.

The activists, which belong to the “One Climate” group, chained themselves to the entry of the quarry and unfurled a giant sign that read “Stop the Destruction,” while preventing the entry and exit of trucks transporting cement across the country. The action caused a large traffic jam of trucks outside the quarry, with one driver estimating that the protest led to over NIS 100,000 in losses for the company.

Meanwhile, they handed out flyers to passersby, including Palestinian cement truck drivers who stood in solidarity with the protestors. After three hours of protest, police officers who had arrived on the scene asked the quarry workers to saw off the demonstrators’ chains. Eight were arrested.

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