Gaza’s health sector at risk as Israel’s week-long airstrikes continue

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Smoke and flames rise after Israeli war planes carried out airstrikes over Gaza City on August 18, 2020. (photo: Mahmoud Alhende / APA Images)
Disappointment in Gaza over international reaction as Israeli airstrikes continue and civilians are caught in the middle.

By Yumna Patel  | Mondoweiss  | Aug 21, 2020

“We’ve been through this countless times, …But it’s harder now with a global pandemic and the whole world falling apart, no electricity and no water,’
— Omar Ghraieb, 33, a Palestinian journalist

Israel has been bombing Gaza for eight days straight, all as part of what Israel says is a response to incendiary balloons sent from Gaza into Israeli territory.

The night sky in Gaza has lit up in hues of red and orange every night for more than a week, with Thursday marking the eight consecutive night of Israeli airstrikes.

Despite reported efforts by Egyptian officials to mediate a cease fire, the cross-border tensions don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, with the Hamas movement releasing a statement on Friday saying it “will not hesitate to wage a battle” with Israeli forces, “if the escalation, bombardment and siege [of Gaza] continues.”

The Israeli military has maintained that the airstrikes are targeting outposts belonging to the military wing of the Hamas movement, who Israel says is responsible for “explosive and arson balloons launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel”.

Local Palestinian media has reported several instances over the past week during which Israeli airstrikes have caused damage to residential and non-Hamas affiliated structures, and in some cases, injury to civilians.

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