Palestinians may react with violence if annexation/apartheid goes forward — Tibi

Ahmad Tibi, legislator and doctor, thanks health professionals both Jewish and Arab fighting coronavirus, March 2020.  (Photo: screenshot from Twitter)
There is concern that peace plan is really moving  things closer to an apartheid system.

By Philip Weiss | Mondoweiss  | June 19, 2020

‘The most dangerous figure pushing for this annexation is the American ambassador… Friedman…’
—Ahmad Tibi, Palestinian member of Knesset

Ahmad Tibi, Palestinian member of Knesset, spoke with J Street yesterday about the annexation plans for the West Bank that the Israeli government is set to begin in July. He said that annexation could bring “violence and deterioration” on the ground, because Palestinians are primed to react to the landgrab.


“The Trump plan is the worst American plan ever. It is not a peace plan. It’s a dictation. It’s a way to deepen the occupation. It’s unilateral. It’s a way to say there is no Palestinian nation, no Palestinian people. Strengthening the settlements. And with the annexation element, it is not only annexation, it should be called apartheid. When you are annexing these lands, you are creating more and more apartheid, more and more occupation. Netanyahu is willing to have this article alone from the Trump plan, which is a very bad plan, in order to keep his right base, he is thinking about the next election and that base….

“This annexation, if it will be implemented, it can cause violence and deterioration on the ground. There is a lot of anger and readiness to react on the Palestinian side. Many Israelis are very much concerned and upset about this possibility, but Netanyahu is insisting. It depends how the White House will deal with it, if he will continue to give him green lights.

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