The autocratic son-in-law and his madness

US President Donald Trump (L) with Middle East Senior adviser Jared Kushner. (Photo: File)
A former Swedish diplomat names the complicity of doing nothing.

By Mats Svensson | The Palestine Chronicle | Apr 29, 2020

An emptiness filled me… I felt shame for my lack of engagement. Shame over my colleagues, over my organization and their indifference, over the silence.

For a long time, the movement was slow. Small steps. Limited change, as if we had all the time in the world. The movement was clear to everyone affected, as well as the outside world, but the outside world kept its eyes closed.

The outside world consists, among others, of short term workers. Often diplomats. Sometimes working for a few months, a few years. Less often, for a bit longer. These are continuously replaced. Like an eternal marathon race, one race without a baton. I was one of these.

I took over structures, contacts, opinions. I was covered in layers of preconceptions, values that were anything from political to religious. Often driven by emotion, and commonly quite crazy. Without noticing when it happened, everyone else’s perceptions started to fill me, twirl within me. It led to frustration, and soon deep anger. There was no solution for my anger, I shared it with most others. It became clearer and clearer over time.

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