Here’s 10 books on Palestine to read while social distancing

Edward Said
Edward Said, author of ‘The Question of Palestine’
Many bookstores are closed, but you may have one of these books on your bookshelf ready to read.

By Michael Arria |Mondoweiss | Apr 3, 2020

If you’re using your social distancing time to catch up on classics you never got around to, this book by the late, great Edward Said is a good place to start. The ‘Question of Palestine’ is nearly 30 years old now, but it’s as relevant as ever before.

Many people throughout the world are presumably catching up on their reading during this time of social distancing and self-isolation. Last week The Guardian reported that online sales at United Kingdom book chain Waterstones have risen by 400% since it closed the doors of its physical stores. Below is a list of books Israel/Palestine that we recommend.

In no way is this meant to be a comprehensive reading list on the topic, but we hope it might help if you’re looking for what to tackle next. If possible, we encourage you to purchase books directly from the publisher, or from the website of your local independent bookstore if they’re still open.

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