Trump-Kushner ‘Peace’ Plan ignores elephants in the room: Israel created this mess

Trump-Kushner “Peace” Plan ignores elephants in the room: Israel created this mess
Senior advisor and son-in-law of the President Jared Kushner (left), US President Donald Trump second from left, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (far right) are always accompanied by their shared comfort animal, the elephant in the room (second from right). (photo: collage by If Americans Knew.)
The Trump-Kushner “Peace” Plan is slick and businesslike, with an aura of objectivity and balance – but it is exactly the opposite, and something about it stinks.

By Kathryn Shihadah | If American Knew  | Feb 21, 2020

The basic premise on which the Trump-Kushner Plan is based shows disdain for fundamental facts: Palestinian society is languishing because of Israel’s policies – not some deficiency in Palestinians or their leadership.

There is a giant herd of elephants circling the Trump-Kushner Peace Plan, and they’re not going away. The fragrance of pachyderms is unmistakable, but Trump administration, the Netanyahu government, and Israel partisans have decades of experience in ignoring whatever is inconvenient to their agendas.

That unmistakable throng of elephants is the disenfranchisement and subjugation of the Palestinian people that has gone for a hundred years, and is presently so flagrant that numerous human rights organizations and experts have called it apartheid.

And while the Trump administration claims it wants a future of peace, this Plan will not bring peace.

Because, elephants.

Elephants From The Get-Go
Shortly after the Plan’s release, Kushner boasted on Fox & Friends, “This is an 80 page proposal, with a map. Never been done before.” Pachyderm prints are on every page (and the map), starting with the very first sentence:

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