Preparing for 2020: Advocating for justice for Palestine and beyond

Gaza panel at Preparing for 2020 conference. (photo: AFSC / Matthew Paul D’Agostino)

Strategizing for solidarity and effectiveness within the universal human rights/justice movements.

By Alice Rothchild | American Friends Service Committee | Sept 13, 2019

We need a collective liberation, which also means, by the way, no POOPS (Progressive Only On Palestine).

The American Friends Service Committee conference in DC, September 7-8, Preparing for 2020: Advocating for Rights, Justice, and Freedom, was an excellent antidote to the stormy and frightening times in which we live. It is a measure of our failure to be more outraged than we already are that Netanyahu’s pledge to annex much of the West Bank to Israel (as if there was not already one apartheid state) barely caused a flutter of protest. Between Trump and Netanyahu we are all suffering from shock fatigue and a good dose of gloom about the future of the planet. I lie awake at night wondering, will it be forest fires, drought, floods, and wars over water, or maybe an old fashioned nuclear war that will finish us off. For folks with children and grandchildren, this is not a theoretical concern.

But there I was sitting in the calming simplicity of a Quaker meeting room at the Sidwell Friends School, listening and talking with a wide range of activists, organizers, and policy experts, and brainstorming about grassroots advocacy, at town hall meetings, primary caucuses, and party conventions. The positive energy, humor, honesty, and commitment were infectious and uplifting.

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