5 things I wish conservative Christians understood about Muslims

Conservative Christians often perpetuate stereotype, misunderstanding, and outright bearing of false witness against our Muslim neighbors both here and abroad.

By Benjamin Corey | benjaminlcorey.com | Jun 7, 2017

1.  Muslims love Jesus
2.  Muslims are some of the most hospitable people you’ll ever meet
3.  Most Muslims do not view Christians or Jews as ‘infidels’
4.  Killing innocent people, and being a suicide bomber, are both forbidden by Islam
5.  Muslims are most often the victims of terrorism

Conservative Christians seem to have a lot of opinions about Islam and our Muslim neighbors.

Those opinions are often grossly misinformed at best.

I’ve met very few conservative Christians who have spent any considerable amount of time in friendships with Muslims; it’s also true that I’ve rarely met an overly anti-Islamic conservative Christian who has studied Islam beyond reading some sketchy articles on Facebook. The net result of this is the perpetuation of stereotype, misunderstanding, and outright bearing false witness against our Muslim neighbors both here and abroad.

Case in point is a recent post from Franklin Graham, which paints an entire religion with the broad brush of stereotype:

Since 9/11, I have been warning America about the dangers of the teachings of Islam. Followers of Islam are taught very troubling passages that encourage them to murder and maim those they refer to infidels, or nonbelievers. With the internet and social media, radicalization is only increasing — and the dangers are continuing to increase. Many times, sadly, it is the young who are pulled into these teachings that encourage murder and rape in the name of the god of Islam. We saw the results again Saturday night in London with 7 killed and more than 48 wounded by Muslim men who said this was for Allah. That is three Islamic terror attacks in the country in less than three months. The threat of Islam is real. The threat of Islam is serious. The threat of Islam is dangerous. There is cause for concern, despite what some may say. We need to pray that God would give our President, our Congress, and our Senate wisdom—and the guts to do what is right for our nation, and not what’s politically correct. My prayer is that the United States — and the UK — will wake up before it’s too late.

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