There’s something rotten in Virginia: Israel is a malignant force in local politics

There’s Something Rotten in Virginia: Israel Is a Malignant Force in Local Politics
The Virginia-Israel Advisory Board partnered with Israeli company EPC to enable the building of a wastewater treatment plant in Virginia. L to R: Governor Terry McAuliffe, EPC Chief Jeremy Weissman, VIAB’s Ralph Robbins. (photo:  Virginia-Israel Advisory Board)
Virginia taxpayers providing state funding for Israeli companies, politicized textbooks and fighting BDS.

By Philip Giraldi | reposted from American Herald Tribune | Apr 9, 2019

This coziness often borders on corruption and inevitably leads to abuses that do not serve the public interest, particularly as American citizens are quite openly promoting the interests of a foreign nation.

One of the more interesting aspects of the relentless march of the Israel Lobby in the United States is the extent to which it has expanded its reach down into the state and even local level. Previously, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the hundreds of other Jewish and Christian Zionist organizations dedicated to promoting Israeli interests had concentrated on the federal government level and the media, believing correctly that those were the key players in benefiting Israel while also making sure that its public image was highly favorable. The media was the easy part as American Jews were already well placed in the industry and inclined to be helpful. It also turned out that many Congressmen and the political parties themselves had their hands out and were just waiting to be bought, so “Mission Accomplished” turned out to be a lot easier than had been anticipated.

But amidst all the success, the Israeli government and its diaspora supporters discovered that it was receiving a lot of unwelcome publicity from an essentially grassroots movement that went by the label Boycott, Divest and Sanctions or BDS. BDS was strong on American campuses and its appeal as a non-violent tool meant that it was growing, to include many young Jews disenchanted with the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu version of the Jewish state.

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