Ilhan Omar should embrace the one-state solution

A student wrapped in a Palestinian flag walks over Israel’s apartheid wall between the West Bank and Israel, Nov 2, 2015. (photo: Mahmoud Illean / AP)
lhan Omar went to Washington to shake up the status quo, so why is she adopting the discredited two-state solution, which is a fancy way of saying racial segregation and apartheid?

By Alexander Rubinstein | Mint Press News | Apr 9, 2019

Let’s be clear: the sole purpose of the so-called ‘two-state solution’ is to perpetuate Israeli apartheid by keeping ethnically cleansed Palestinian refugees from returning to their homeland and birthright solely and exclusively for being the wrong religion. It’s pure racism.

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) — Congress’ fiercest critic of the Zionist lobby and the apartheid policies of Israel — has come out in support of a two-state solution, a weak and outdated proposition that has long been doomed.

Increasingly, Palestinians are recognizing that a single secular democratic state with equal rights for Palestinians and Israelis is the only way forward — and so too are advocates in the West, including American Jews. We welcome Rep. Omar to join us in this righteous cause with open arms.

Omar made her endorsement of a two-state solution in response to an article in Haaretz, Israel’s first daily newspaper. The piece argued that American Jews are largely in support of a two-state solution, which is true. . . .

Jewish American support for a two-state solution puts them at odds with many Israeli Jews, who seek no solution besides the final solution. Omar suggested that Jewish American support for a two-state solution doesn’t have to put them at odds with Israel. She tweeted:

It doesn’t have to! Being against obsessive policies is a morality issue and it’s time for people to show they have moral courage to stand up and say not under our watch.
Peace requires justice.

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