Netanyahu isn’t the problem — the Israeli people are

 (photo: Gali Tibbon / Reuters)
The apartheid did not start with him and will not end with his departure.

By Gideon Levy | Haaretz | Mar 13, 2019

Simply put, the people are the problem. . . . There are those who have hated Arabs long before Netanyahu. There are those who despise blacks, detest foreigners, exploit the weak and look down their noses at the whole world — and not because of Netanyahu. . . . There are those who think that after the Holocaust, they are permitted to do anything. There are those who believe that . . . international law doesn’t apply to [Israel], and that no one can tell it what to do.

It’s not Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, or at least not just him. One cannot blame one person, influential and powerful as he may be, for every evil, as his opponents and enemies do. The racism, extreme nationalism, divisiveness, incitement, hatred, anxiety and corruption is all because of Netanyahu, they say.

But it’s not so. His sins are innumerable and the damage he’s done immeasurable, and it would be great to have him out of our lives, but blaming everything on him is deceiving and a shirking of responsibility.

If Netanyahu is to blame for everything, then if we could just be rid of him, everything will go back to being good. Not so. If Netanyahu is to blame for everything, then we had nothing to do with the current state of affairs. Not so. Netanyahu has caused heavy damage, but behind him there’s a nation and voters and other elected officials, most of them not much different than him, and a public and a society and media outlets. The blame rests with them at least as much, if not more.

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