Confidential report: Israel regularly breaks international law in Hebron

Tess Scheflan / Haaretz)
The international monitoring force disputes land ownership of settlers and slams restrictions on movement and worship.

By Uri Blau | Haaretz | Dec 17, 2018

‘Normal life,’ especially in Hebron’s Old City area in the Israeli-controlled area of H2, is nowhere to be found . . .

An international observatory task force established two decades ago to monitor the divided West Bank city of Hebron has produced its most exhaustive and damning internal report on Israel’s actions in the city, according to people with access to the report who spoke with Haaretz on condition of anonymity. This is the first time a report by the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) is revealed in the press.

The confidential report by TIPH, long regarded as toothless by the Palestinians, cites numerous violations of international law by Israel and seems to confirm Hebron’s status as a city torn by both a civilian and military occupation. Twenty years after the monitoring force was set up to help instill a sense of security and ensure prosperity for Palestinians, the report warns that the city is more divided than ever due to the actions of the Israeli government and Israeli settlers.

According to the report, Israel is clearly in “severe and regular breach” of the right to non-discrimination as well as the obligation to protect the population living under occupation from deportation. The Israeli settlement in Hebron is a violation of international law and “radical Israeli settlers” make life in the Israeli-controlled area difficult for its Palestinian residents.

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