Now Israel has a race law

Olivier Fitoussi / Haaretz)
Seventy years of nationalism and racism toward the victims is now receiving legal justification.

By Gideon Levy | Haaretz | Sep 21, 2018

From now on, two types of blood exist in Israel: Jewish blood and non-Jewish blood, on the law books as well. The price of these two types of blood is also different. Jewish blood is priceless, it must be protected in every possible way. Non-Jewish blood is terrifyingly cheap, it can be shed like water.

Even if it had until the end of time, Israel and the Jewish nation will never be able to compensate the Palestinian nation for all the harm they have done to it. Not for the material harm nor the intellectual harm, the physical harm nor the spiritual harm. Not for the plunder of their land and property, nor for their trodden freedom and dignity. Not for the killing and bereavement, nor for the people who were injured and disabled, their lives irrevocably ruined. Not for the hundreds of thousands of innocents who were tortured and imprisoned, nor for the generations who were denied a fair opportunity for a normal life.

There is nothing like Yom Kippur to express this. Israel has of course never even considered entering a process of compensation, reparation and taking responsibility. Nothing can be expected from an occupier that calls itself the victim, that blames everyone but itself for every injustice that it does. But even this isn’t enough for it.

Occasionally, another record is broken: The state, organizations or individuals in Israel and the Jewish world sue the Palestinians for damages caused by terror activities. For example, Shurat HaDin Israel Law Center, a nonprofit organization that calls itself a “Jewish human rights organization,” moves heaven and earth in Israel and abroad to sue Palestinian individuals and organizations on behalf of Jewish victims.

This despicable and contemptible act, according to which the victim is the criminal and only Jewish blood is red and thus deserving of redress, occasionally has its successes, mostly in public relations. While Israel avoids paying any compensation for its systematic destruction and killing in the Palestinian territories since 1948, there are those who still have the unbelievable audacity to demand compensation from the Palestinians. The Gaza Strip was destroyed by Israel time after time, horrifically, but Israel has never lent a hand to its rehabilitation. Israel killed tens of thousands of people, including innumerable innocent people, including children, women and elderly, over the years and the Palestinians are asked to pay compensation.

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