Meet the owner of Canary Mission’s anonymous anti-Palestinian blacklisting website

Students and supporters protest Fordham University’s ban on Students for Justice in Palestine, a student group which advocates the rights of Palestinians. (photo: Joe Catron / MintPress)
Canary Mission has exploited its anonymity to smear college students and faculty with impunity.

By Hamzah Raza and Max Blumenthal | Grayzone Project | Aug 22, 2018

The Sterling-owned website contains profiles of nearly 2000 students and over 500 college professors considered enemies of Israel.

Since it first registered its website in February 2015, Canary Mission has been a source of mystery and menace. Dedicated to blacklisting students involved in Palestine solidarity activism, intimidating them and denigrating their public reputations, Canary Mission’s administrators have gone to great lengths to conceal their identities. The secrecy has enabled them to target legally defenseless students – who are mostly members of minority and immigrant groups — with total impunity.

Now, the Grayzone can identify a key figure behind the malicious blacklisting operation. He is the owner of Canary Mission’s domain name and a wealthy lawyer who is a fervent supporter of Israel. According to documents provided to the Grayzone, his name is Howard David Sterling.

Sterling has said that it his life’s mission to increase foreign investment in Israeli healthcare companies. Having worked extensively in Israel’s medical and hi-tech sector, he sees investment in the country as a means of ensuring American support for Israel. He has published several videos on YouTube highlighting what he sees as Israel’s “impossible” medical breakthroughs.

In an interview with the Jewish National Fund’s IsraelCast, Sterling stated that, “People will protect their pocket books. And if they have shares in Israeli companies, they are going to want to protect their pocket books by protecting Israel.”

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