What Part of bombing a kindergarten is OK?

A man holds shrapnel from mortar shells fired from the Gaza Strip that landed near a kindergarten, in a Kibbutz on the Israeli side of the Israeli-Gaza border, May 29, 2018. (photo: Amir Cohen / Reuters)

Collective punishment is immoral. Period. Whether it’s rockets or the siege, whether the targets Israelis or Gazans.

By Bradley Burston | Haaretz | May 30, 2018

Collective punishment is immoral no matter who carries it out. Us or them. It’s immoral no matter what form it takes, indiscriminate shelling or gratuitously injurious siege, terrorism or oppression. No matter the justification.

What part of bombing a kindergarten is OK?

Don’t answer right away. Take a moment.

This week, when a mortar shell fired from Gaza slammed into the yard of a border-area Israeli kindergarten just before the children and staff were to arrive, the answers to the question came fast and furious.

“When Israel is bombing and killing people in Gaza on a daily basis, what do you expect?” a twitter user wrote in response to EU envoy Emanuele Giaufret’s condemnation of the shelling.

Among other answers: The Israeli kindergarten is reinforced against attack, as opposed to the much more vulnerable construction of Gaza schools, one of which was hit by an Israeli attack later in the day. Or, the rockets and mortars fired at Israel by Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and others in Gaza are largely ineffectual weapons, as opposed to the deadly, state of the art munitions employed by Israel.

So, let me now ask the question again, this time with a different answer.

What part of bombing a kindergarten is okay? No part.

Or to put it differently: Collective punishment is immoral. Period.

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