If Israel were not an ally, the US would be working to overthrow its government

Palestinians Israel
Teargas canisters fired from Israeli drones fall on Palestinians during a demonstration near the Gaza Strip border with Israel, Mar 30, 2018. (photo: Hatem Moussa / AP)

The “humanitarian” concern of the US is all too often a cover for regime change ambitions. It seems to disappear when the victims in need are without strategic geopolitical value to Washington.

By Whitney Webb | Mint Press News | Apr 3, 2018

There are no efforts to hold Israel to account for its recent massacre of civilians. Instead, Israel has rejected UN and EU calls for an inquiry into the killings and a UN Security Council resolution on the matter was blocked by the United States.

Over the weekend, outrage took hold as the state of Israel authorized more than 100 snipers to fire upon the demonstrations of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza. The Palestinians, participating in the “March of Great Return” to demand the right for exiled Palestinians to return to their ancestral lands, were fired upon while fleeing and even praying. 17 Palestinians were killed and over 1,400 were injured. The Gaza Health Ministry stated that most of the reported injuries were bullet wounds to the legs and feet. The Israeli Defense Forces stated on Twitter that they were fully aware of where “every bullet landed” and Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that the snipers “did what had to be done” and “deserve a commendation.”

The outrage, however, was confined to only a few countries as, throughout the West, the horrific event was the subject of slanted reports — such as those that portrayed the Israeli military firing on unarmed demonstrators as “clashes” — or was not even covered at all. Despite the number of people killed and the flagrant violation of international law, the story didn’t even make the Sunday edition of The New York Times, the US “paper of record.”

If one momentarily forgets the US-Israel “special relationship,” the lack of coverage and excuse-making for the massacre in the Western press compared to that greeting similar events that have occurred in recent years is obvious. Indeed, in recent years, protests that have been similar in size to, or even much smaller than, what recently occurred along the Israel-Gaza border have often been used as the springboard for U.S.-backed operations to foment dissent and push for regime change — both covertly and overtly.

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