Encountering Peace: Encountering Peace?

Demonstrators hold Palestinian flags during a rally in Nabi Saleh. (photo: Reuters)

Most of the world, including the Arab world does not really care about the Palestinian people and their cause.

By Gershon Baskin / The Jerusalem Post
December 7, 2016

And while everyone is busy talking about BDS, Israel is continuing to build settlements and confiscating more land from the Palestinians. But to what cause? That is what troubles me. There will be no imposed solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. No one can force the Israelis and the Palestinians to act against their own interests, nor will any world power apply effective pressure on Israel and the Palestinians to do what they are not prepared to do.

I don’t know what Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu thinks, what his plans are, his grand strategy for the future of Israel. I know that he is an intelligent man. I know that he does think strategically. I know that he sees himself and his position in historical terms. I believes that he believes that he is the savior of the Jewish people and the State of Israel. He has told us that he is here to prevent the next Holocaust and that he will never compromise on Israel’s security.

But what’s beyond that? What does he really want to do with Judea and Samaria? Does he really imagine that the creeping annexation, now being advanced by a new law that gives the right to the government to confiscate private Palestinian land and turn it over to Israelis, will continue to go by unnoticed and be unchallenged?

It is clear to me that most of the world, including the Arab world does not really care about the Palestinian people and their cause. They, at least the Arab leaders, at best, pay lip service to the Palestinians. The Arab street may support the Palestinians but they are far too busy trying to make a life for themselves in this region of turmoil, lack of democracy and Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Europe and the United States also are good on rhetoric and sometimes allow some useless resolutions to get through the United Nations and many of its institutions that voice support for the Palestinians or condemn Israel for its settlement activities.

This will not deliver the Palestinians from the burden of facing Israel on their own. The world will not save Palestine nor Israel from what Israel and Palestine do to each other. Even the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement which gets so much press in Israel is totally ineffective, lacks coherent strategy and is even exploited by Israel as a smoke screen. Israel knows that the more noise it makes against BDS the more the world will be engaged in talking about something that has almost no impact on advancing the Palestinian cause.

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